Are you a good hiker and like to walk? Do you want to join a unique hiking day tour?  If yes – then discover one of the most impressive ravines in the whole of Europe! The enormous, rugged landscape of the Greece best Samaria Gorge.

Length 18 km, but we walk “only” 16 km. Mother Nature has cut its way through the bulky limestone masses that tower up from 200 to 2.000 m. The wideness of the ravine varies from 300 to 4 metres and we cover an altitude difference of approx. 1.230 meters. Leisurely walking you normally need 5 hours to reach the south coast.

Arrive at the plateau of Omalos at an altitude of 1000 m. on the White Mountains where the adventure begins. The hike tour starts quite steeply down the ravine over rocks and stones through a forest with cool springs at shady resting sites. If you are lucky you might spot a “Kri-Kri” the wild mountain goat. At the end of the hike you reach the small fisher village of Agia Roumeli right at the Libyan Sea. You have the opportunity of a refreshing swim and a good meal in one of the local taverns.

From there take the boat for Chora Sfakion and then return by coach.


  • Walk through the most famous gorge of Crete
  • Hike the enormous landscape of the Samaria gorge
  • See the wild mountain goat
  • Visit the fisher village of Agia Roumeli & enjoy a refreshing swim

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