Named the “Caribbean Finger” due to its shape and it not only one of the most loved beaches on the island but also a great place for you Discover Scuba Diving!

Nikouria Island is just infront, creating a barrier from winds and currents which makes the conditions under water excellent for unexperienced divers.

We enter from the shore,  the shallow part of the bay is mainly sand.  Here the diver will have the possibility to familiarise with the diving equipment and the new world they just enetered.  The seabed is not flat, but made out of skirts that lower and rise up in different levels, still staying withing shallow depth.  It mainly consists out of sand and the beautiful Neptune grass (Posidonia Oceana), creating a very interesting landscape.  Here we usually spot cuttlefish swimming along with their whole family,  in size order, diverse smaller and very curious fishes like rainbow wrasse.    The floor is dotted with very large black sponges, and other treasures like mermaids cups and octopus’s gardens.

Agios Pavlos is for us one of the best places to experience your first dive and the crystal clear water, that WE are very proud of.

Ideal for Snorkelers and First time Divers

This is a beach dive where we regularly take snorkel groups to explore the shallow reefs and Discover Scuba Divers for their first time dive experience. A versatile site it is full of life.


From the beach to 6 metres maximum.


Amorgos is famous for the film Le Grande Bleu, chosen as a location due to its crystal clear and clean waters. Visibility is rarely below 50m. Or as far as you can see.


Being a Mediterranean location. We experience only very mild currents, if any.

What will I see?

Octopus, Cuttlefish, Damsel fish, Posedonia Oceanica, Sponges, Corals, Sea Bass, Barracuda, Urchins, Shrimps, Flounders and much much more.

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