The beautiful sandy beach of Aegiali Bay is the perfect place to enjoy your Discover Scuba Diving.  The swimming pool like conditions creates a relaxing feeling making it easier for the customer to settle into the new experience of diving.   The turquoise color and the perfect visibility gives you the sensations of diving in tropical waters.  The small reef that stretches along the whole bay consists of stone and the beautifull Neptune Seagrass (posidonia oceana)  It offer a broad range of different marine life such as scorpion fish, hermit crabs, John Dorys, Octopi, rainbow wrasse, bream and Trigger fish.  The waves creates beautifull patterns on the sand bed and here you most probably spot several Flounder fish, hermit crabs and starfish.

This spot will definitely open your appetite to take the next step of becoming a diver!

Ideal for Snorkelers and First time Divers

This is a beach dive where we regularly take snorkel groups to explore the shallow reefs and Discover Scuba Divers for their first time dive experience. A versatile site it is full of life.


From the beach to 6 metres maximum.


Amorgos is famous for the film Le Grande Bleu, chosen as a location due to its crystal clear and clean waters. Visibility is rarely below 50m. Or as far as you can see.


Being a Mediterranean location. We experience only very mild currents, if any.

What will I see?

Anemones, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Damsel fish, Trigger fish, John Dorys, Hermit crabs,  Posedonia Oceanica, Sponges, Corals, Sea Bass, Barracuda, Urchins, Shrimps, Flounders and much much more.

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